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The demands of Taksim solidarity

Because of the government’s police violence policy to the public sensitivity after the attempt to the demolishment of Taksim Gezi Park on 27 May 2013 around 22:30, citizens are exposing their democratic reaction in all around the Turkey, starting from Istanbul, Taksim. First of all, we are sharing the pain of the families of the citizens who have lost their lives, and wishing good recovery to the thousands of injured citizens.

Although the public exhibits its demands, which are based on the most basic democratic- and human-rights, in a peaceful and democratic way, the government, unfortunately, is going on its violent, oppressive, banning politics. We would like to announce that we are working hard to reach to a public climate where not even a single citizen is injured, where democratic demands are expressed and public tension is removed.

Because of these reasons, we as, Taksim Solidarity, request from government to have concrete measures in order to fulfill the following demands, immediately. WE DEMAND:

– Gezi Park must stay as park. An official announcement should be made saying that Taksim Gezi Park will not be converted to Topçu Kışlası or any other building and the project is cancelled.

– The attempts against the demolishment of Atatürk Kültür Merkezi should be stopped.

– The responsible must be unseated, starting from Istanbul, Ankara, Hatay governors and police chiefs, who banned even the most basic democratic right of the public in the resistance against the demolishment of Taksim Gezi Park, who command to suppress the events violently, who caused the injury of thousands of people and death of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş and Abdullah Cömert.

– The usage of gas bombs and similar materials must be banned.

– The citizens in all around the country who are taken under custody because of their participant to the resistance must immediately be released.

– The prohibition of meetings, rallies, demonstrations and defacto hindrance in the squares, public areas in whole country, starting from Taksim as demonstration field of Labor Day (1 May), and Kızılay must be stopped; the obstacles against the freedom of speech must be eliminated.

Besides, we think that, authorities should notice the meaning, spirit, expectations and the demands of the reaction that have been rising from the squares, avenues, streets and all public areas of our country since 27th of May, 22:30. To define what happened as marginality means ignorance. It can be seen that, our citizens perceive the power mentality symbolized with intervention in Gezi Park as an “government interference in private life and being underestimated”, responded with a huge social reaction and answered “We exist, we are here and we have demands” with women, men, young and elder.

We want to inform the authorities that the content of this reaction is “the objections about, firstly, the third bridge over Bosphorus, hydroelectric power stations, the plunder of ecological values and actually law proposal for the Preserving the Nature and Biological Diversity, demanding peace and rejecting the war policies in and around our country, the tenderness of Alevi citizens, demands of the citizens aggrieved by the urban renewal, the voice of women against the conservative men policies that controls the woman body, demands of laborers, starting with Turkish Airlines workers, against extortion of laborer rights, fight against segregation of sexual orientation and sexual choice, request of removing all the barriers to citizens right to education and health services.”

Translator: Deniz Atak


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